Hannah’s House

Hannah’s House has been providing supervised visitation and safe exchange services to families throughout San Diego County since 1988. We incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1993. Hannah’s House is the only nonprofit agency in the county providing these services as a primary mission to children caught in the middle of custody disputes in the family court. We are the only provider of these services in San Diego County that has a secure facility. We serve an average of 2500 children and parents annually.

For almost 24 years, we have helped reduce conflict and violence in the families we have served and, by extension, the communities in which they live. We have been instrumental in preventing child abductions, and in reducing the inappropriate use of law enforcement resources frequently called on to keep the peace during custody changes when there are no professional services available.

Hannah’s House began offering a comprehensive training program for entry-level Professional Supervised Visitation Monitors in 1998 when California first established and implemented Standards for providers. As a provider of training for professionals and as a provider of direct services to families, Hannah’s House is a critical resource for the Family Law Bench, Family Law Bar Section, Family Court Services, and Certified Family Law Specialists in San Diego County. We are available for safe and secure visitation and exchange 365 days a year. We have well-established procedures for safe and secure professional observation, documentation and the provision of forensic court reports for use by the Court.

90% of our families are low income and very low income and receive scholarships for services. 50% of our families have a Restraining Order or a Temporary Restraining Order in place that prevents contact between Mom and Dad in order to protect the Custodial parent and the child/ren. 48% of our children are between birth and 5 years old so are vulnerable to adult conflict in a number of ways. A secure facility is critical for these families to ensure that they are safe and to ensure that children do not lose their relationship with either Mom or Dad while the adult is receiving treatment or education to address the issues that are interfering with their ability to parent independently.

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