Professional monitors in California should have an excellent working knowledge of California Rules of Court 5.20. They should also have training in the following subjects:

  1. The role of a professional provider;
  2. Safety and security procedures;
  3. Ratio of children to provider;
  4. Child abuse reporting laws;
  5. Record-keeping procedures;
  6. Maintenance and Disclosure of Records;
  7. Screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation;
  8. Developmental needs of children;
  9. Legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider;
  10. Temporary suspension or termination of supervised visitation;
  11. Cultural sensitivity;
  12. Conflicts of interest; and confidentiality;
  13. Basic child development and effective parenting skills;
  14. Impact of divorce and separation on children and parent;
  15. Parent and child estrangement and the introduction or re-introduction process;
  16. Issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence;
  17. Issues relating to physical and mental health development issues and impairments; and
  18. High conflict parenting styles;
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